Longer Walk around the block in Tbilisi

We might have reached our couchsurfing hosts earlier than 4:00 am but a lot of stuff came up on the road! Dimmly lit entrances of the buildings, bored stray dogs fighting with each other and old babushkas walking slowly, holding little lighted candles.

With their hairs covered with black shawl it all looked quite mysterious – later on we realised that it must be connected Orthodox Easter Sunday which started that night.

We decided there’s no time to loose and instead of having a rest, we left the bigger bags in the flat, refreshed ourselves and started to explore. All together that were 2 full days of admiring each and every corner of the city. Our sightseeing was great mainly thanks to online found map with pin-pointed big list of soviet modernism architecture examples. Of course there was also time for more classic attractions from which our favorite was definately long strolls and checking the backyards of houses in the old part of Tbilisi. Seeing how much of it is already “reconstructed” for increasing wave of tourism made us feel lucky that we managed to experienced untouched part. The other worth seeing place, that might wait for modernisation a little bit longer, are hills covered wih huge blocks of flats. Many of them looking like they would crumble down any time soon, with lots of amateur modernisations and additions, they all had their own soul, shining in the early morning sun.

Waiting in the que with Tbilisi locals for shotis puri (traditional long bread) to be baked in big round oven, we both agreed that we could enjoy our lives in this city for much longer. Colorful night life, kind people and nature that is omnipresent, made us feel like it. Not to even mention the vicinity of the mountains (which we left for exploring for later) 🙂

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