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Camping Among the Lone Walls of the Ancient Sauran City

If the walls could talk, we bet that the walls of the ancient town of Sauran would have lots of things to say over the past 1000 years… .

Once it was the biggest city in Kazakhstan being an important part of the Silk Road (connected East and West, trading goods and knowledge) and somehow it survived the Mongol onslaught. Now metropolia has changed to sand-and-grass covered walls (that are still many meters high) and empty ruins that provided us an intimate atmosphere, where we could sleep in our tent calmly before the blazing heat of the sun woke us up early in the morning.

After we discovered that there were no shadows to give us a little bit more rest, we wandered around in the unique area experiencing its corners and noticed that the whole place was full of life. Not the people of course, but the fauna! Beautiful blue birds flying, a group of sheep and horses resting in the outskirts and foxes staring at us as if trying to figure out what we are. We would happily take there a longer walk around the whole wall, but the shadows with every minute became shorter and shorter. The hot sun and lack of water forced us to continue our road to the city of Turkistan, which was our next destination!

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