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September 2019

The Road

Desert in the Middle of Autumn Taiga Forest – Chara Sands

It was getting brighter and we started to wake up in bunk beds of the train. Its jarring and scrooping sounds made a good, authentic lullaby. In the third class carriage we could observe the rest of the passengers sleeping and snoring around us, but the view outside was something much more worth our attention. Mystic Kodar Mountains emerged from the dark curtains of rain far in the horizon. We smiled as we were getting closer to our destination, though this time they were not mountains, it was something rather unique at their foot – the desert.

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Walking into the Night of Ulaanbaatar

It was already late in the evening when we arrived in Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia. After several attempts to contact our couchsurfing host with messages and phone calls, we knocked on his door, knowing, that if no one will answer, we will end up having to spend our night in the streets. After some time, standing there on a dark hallway with no response from the apartment, we gave up and went out…

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