About us


I was born and raised in easter part of Finland in a big family. As I was growing up in a middle of nowhere, I remember I have always enjoyed spending time in forest, hiking, listening to magic sounds created by nature and sitting in silence to caught a glimpse of wild animals.

To study music I left home at the age of 16. After this I have moved and lived in many cities in Finland because of studies and work. In 2014 one of my dreams came true and I graduated as a professional actress and since then I have been working as an actress around Finland in many theaters.

I have traveled a bit, had exchange studies in Denmark, made productions in Italy and France. I joined a theater group and was touring with them for two years making plays around whole Finland – from southernmost corners of the country to far up in the north in Lapland.

As much as I have passion towards art, I have always greatly enjoyed the great outdoors and traveling. When I met Marek I understood that this is a person who shares with me same kind of thinking, similar views and dreams. With him I have experienced lots of Scandinavian nature and wild camping. And now I am very anxious to start our long trip around the world!


I was raised in northern Poland in Wejherowo from where later on I moved nearby to the beautiful city of Gdańsk for engineering studies.

I always loved that area and I have so many great memories connected to it but at the same time I always felt like moving on, seeing more. I traveled a lot around Europe and did my share of hitchhiking around Balkans and western areas. After all that I did longer internship in Ghana and later started to work in Finland. Here I fell in love with the great outdoors but especially with a person that I experienced most of it with – Tiia 🙂

Being a big music enthusiast it seems like headphones are sometimes stuck to my head, but after all the sound I got used to enjoy the most is of wood cracking in the fire and of wind going through the pine trees.

Longer trip, a kind of slow journey based on exploration of oftentimes unknown areas, was my dream since I can remember. There are many people, things and events that made me being passionate about life and I think of the need to travel as a celebration of this passion. Simple as that I’m very excited to see and experience more of the wonderful world!