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Abandoned Railway in the Mountains – Miyanue Line Trail and Shuiyang Forest

Over 70 percent of Taiwan is mountainous and it’s full of incredible hiking trails. As you guys know we are fans of the great outdoors and couldn’t wait to explore those natural wonders! Already back in Finland one special hike was in our minds; the trail that follows the abandoned Mianyue Railway Line, zigzagging in the mountains in southern Taiwan’s Chiayi county. It used to be a branch line of the Alishan Railway, and was originally built in 1915 by the Japanese Colonial Government for transporting logs. The length of the line was 9.2 km reaching an altitude 2000 m above and it was known for its spectacular mountainous views. After several typhoons and the 921 Earthquake in 1999 the line collapsed and was closed down. Over the time it became a hiking route with its numerous elevated bridges and nowadays more and more people are visiting the area.  

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